Building a Web App with nothing - Update

In my last post I mentioned a small webapp that I had built in an hour. This app was okay for what it was, but using it revealed that it needed a bit more love before it could be useful. And that's fine! After all, that was the whole point of making a quick mockup: to put it into the hand of users and see what their usage reveals about what's working and what isn't.

I have now written an updated version that you can see following this link. This new version has a couple small but important improvements:

  • It adds a second tab where you can see all of your data. Useful for knowing which expenses you've already added and/or to make sure that your records are saved properly.
  • It adds a button for clearing all data. I use this button not really to clear data, but rather to query the current date and time.
  • It now shows messages showing that data was inserted properly. As it turns out, not even the developer trusts a program that stores data silently and gives no acknowledgement whatsoever.

I still have not fixed the CSV export error. That one will have to wait for a future version.