10k running plan

I am currently considering whether to run a 10k and decided to take a look at the available training plans. This being the internet I found a whole lot of reasonably good training calendars but, this being the internet, they are all detailing the distances in freedom units miles.

Seeing as I now spent an unreasonably long time translating one of those calendars, I have decided to put it here simply because I can. The original plan with much more detailed information can be found in this website.

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Rest 4.8k CT 4.0k (race pace) Rest 4.8k 30 min EZ
2 Rest 4.8k CT 4.8k (race pace) Rest 5.6k 35-40 min EZ
3 Rest 5.6k CT 5.6k (race pace) Rest 6.4k 35-40 min EZ
4 Rest 6.4k CT 5.6k (race pace) Rest 7.2k 40-45 min EZ
5 Rest 6.4k CT 4.8k (race pace) Rest 8.0k 40-45 min EZ
6 Rest 6.4k CT 5.6k (race pace) Rest 9.6k 40-45 min EZ
7 Rest 6.4k CT 4.8k (race pace) Rest 11.3k 40-45 min EZ
8 Rest 4.8k CT or Rest 4.8k (race pace) Rest Rest 10k


  • CT: Cross training. Swimming, biking, strength training, or even rest if you're feeling down. Anything but running.
  • EZ: Easy, comfortable pace. Walking is fine. Cross training is fine too.
  • Race pace: you are free to run at a comfortable pace the rest of the week, but on those days you should stick to your intended race speed (roughly 10km/h for the average runner).